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Tünde Juhász

I am really keen on minimalism and sophisticated things everywhere in my life. These two things were that lead me to designing. I started drafting small creative projects and later on my secret dream was to implemet all of the things that I planed. So I strated to make websites just for fun. Ultimately I came over to my onw business in the begining of 2018.

My webdesign will help your clients find any information quickly and easily, and will make browsing enjoyable.

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Don't worry about coding, entrust your website to me from the designing to the updating.

Are you feed up with fees? Domain, hosting, maintenance, design, implementation, etc. For all of these count a single monthly fee.

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Start with a 3 months trial period to see how your business needs change. Do you need more or fewer updates, maintenance, than we thought or do not need to do this at all? Of course, We can discuss it :)